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Pick Up & Delivery

Can I collect the car at one location and return at another?

Yes you can. Our location is at Wrightson Road Port Of Spain or we can deliver or collect at your location; any combination works. For vehicles being collected at the airport you would need to pay the parking lot fee yourself and when vehicle is returned the fee will be charged to your debit or credit card.

If I am unable to return a car with the level of fuel given, can the company refuel for me?

We prefer you return vehicles with the same amount of fuel the vehicle was provided to you with on handover. If however it is returned with less fuel, you will be charged at our fuel rates plus a refueling charge of $100TT.

Payment Terms

What options are available for payment?

Certified Cheque or Credit Card Only (visa or linx)

Can I pay with cash?

Cash is not accepted for payments. Credit, Debit cards, Certified Cheques can be used.

Do you charge on mileage as well?

No mileage restrictions are applied so you can enjoy our vehicle to your heart’s content.

Is my regular driver’s license sufficient as a non-resident of Trinidad & Tobago?

International Driver’s Permits (IDP) are accepted for a 90 day period only.

Operational Issues

How does the fully comprehensive insurance work?

With respect to the car, before any claim can be made, there is an Insurance Excess payable of 10% of the Sum Insured. For e.g. if it’s a Mitsubishi Lancer and the sum Insured is $250,000, the Insurance excess is $25,000. You are responsible for all damages under the excess. The Insurance Company pays the difference.

Scenario 1 – Let’s say the car is written off or stolen. You pay $25,000 excess, the insurer pays $225,000

Scenario 2 – Let’s say there are damages costing $50,000 to repair. You pay $25,000 and the Insurer pays $25,000

What is your windscreen excess?

Windscreen damage carries a much lower excess. $1500. Most damages need replacement windscreens and that could cost anywhere between $5-10,000

You pay the $1500 and the Insurer pays the difference. If a minor repair is required, once it falls under the Insurance excess, it’s for your account.

What am I responsible for, if an accident is caused through no fault of mine?

 You are still responsible for the Insurance Excess. Once a report is completed and it is determined that you are not at fault, our Insurer will initiate recovery proceedings and once that is completed, you are refunded the Excess paid.

What happens after I complete my report and pay the insurance excess?

You will be given a loaner vehicle and we will commence repairs. We do our best to supply a similar vehicle to the one leased but not all the time we can make an exact match. It’s especially challenging with commercial vehicles such as pickups and buses. We just do not carry those on our short term fleet so it’s very possible the loaner may be a sedan vehicle. We would however only supply a good working replacement and we will work feverishly to get your vehicle back in the shortest possible time.

What happens if I was involved in a major accident involving damage to property and lives?

You are insured for personal injuries or death to any one person up to $1m not including yourself. In respect to a series of claims arising from one event $2M. Same figures relate to property damage.

Note: It is important to note that drivers are not considered third parties and therefore no cover is provided for them. This is provided under a personal accident policy which you can take out on your own.

Can Furness arrange personal accident insurance?

No, we do not offer this.

What if I have traffic infraction?

All fines and traffic infractions are for the account of the renter/driver.

Age Restrictions & Additional Drivers

What is the minimum age I can rent a car with Furness?

We require drivers to be at least 25 years old and have two years experience.  Drivers with an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) license can rent a car for 90 days.

Can someone else drive the car that I rent?

Yes, once over 25 years old, documented and with permission from us.

Is there a fee to register an additional driver?

There is no fee.

Common Questions

Are vehicles kept in good condition?

All our vehicles are dealership maintained so you can be assured of having a vehicle in perfect working order. 

Are car seats available?