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Lease and Brighten up your day!

What is Vehicle Leasing?

A leasing deal is a long-term vehicle rental agreement that lets you spread the cost of driving a new car. You pay for your vehicle via monthly rentals over a fixed term. It’s different from other forms of car financing in that you don’t (usually) own the vehicle outright, instead, you hand the car back to the leasing company at the end of the contract or buy at a calculated price.
There will usually be contract stipulations around any damage that falls outside the specific ‘fair wear and tear’ policy.

Who can lease a vehicle?

Individuals and companies alike can lease vehicles. Leasing is open to anybody who is over 18 years of age, with monthly income and residing permanently in Trinidad & Tobago. Having said that, each funder will have their own set of underwriting criteria thatneeds to be met to get a credit acceptance. Some of the considerations that may affect you include; lack of funds/affordability or employment history (i.e. not having been at an address/in employment for long).
The same considerations are applied to a company, regardless of size. Different criteria will be set based on the number of vehicles you intend to lease.

Benefits to a company

This type of lease can work well for businesses as it can be shown as an asset on your balance sheet, you can claim your VAT payments and depreciation reduces your yearly corporation tax.

Long Standing Customers

We have maintained company relationships for decades from the oil, gas and banking industries and many more.

Wide Range of Brands

With a robust selection of popular vehicles on hand form the world’s leading brands.

Service & Maintenance

All our vehicles are dealer maintained with history records available.