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Many local and International organisations now prefer to rent cars for their contracted employees, the main reason being that this is a manageable fixed expense of the employee to the company in relation to providing a car. Car rental cost will be a single budget cost with no extra hidden expenses, such as maintenance and insurance.

    No Maintenance cost

The lease price includes the maintenance of the vehicle tyres and batteries. Furness staff will collect your vehicle to take for servicing and a loaner vehicle is given should you desire so you are never without a vehicle. 

  • No risk of heavy operating costs as your lease price is fixed 
  • No downtime taking your car to the garage/dealer for servicing
  • No garage/service management to resolve issues or source parts, leave it to Furness
  • No buying tyres and batteries, 
  • No waiting on it to be completed

    No Insurance Premiums / Insurance is included

When you sign your lease agreement, fully comprehensive insurance is included. One less thing for you to organise and ensure that payments are made.

    No Risk of Downtime with theft or accident

Should any of these unfortunate events occur while the vehicle is in your procession, Furness Rentals will immediately provide a replacement car.

    No Bank Interest

No Bank interest in case you decide to borrow the money to buy a car.

Cash Flow

    No burden of the cash flow

No lump sum investment on cars. The car lease charge is paid on a monthly basis.

    No Cash tied up on non-core assets

Your cash is not tied up in non-core assets. This means it is easy for you to invest in your core business, such as buying machinery and assets directly related to generating more wealth for your business or organisation.

    No Cash outflow on expenses or unplanned repairs

Business is smooth sailing when you focus on your core business, when you do not need to worry whether you are being overcharged for maintenance, tyres, batteries etc.

    No Loan Management

Unlike an arrangement with your bank to buy cars.

    TAX allowable expense

The rental payment is 100% expensed every month, hence your tax liabilities are reduced significantly.

Style, Comfort & Safety

    Knowledge & Experience

Having been in the car industry for over 25 years, we have lots of experience of the models best suited to our road conditions and that are easy to maintain with regard to part accessibility and so forth. You are assured that your car will be maintained pristinely enabling you to have uninterrupted service.

    Drive the Latest Models

You can change your car after the contract period instantly and have a new model of a car with the latest comfort & safety features without wasting time.